Why use Kohana?

  • Build applications quickly

    Many common components are included: translation tools, database access, code profiling, encryption, validation, and more.

  • Use specific libraries and tools

    Extending existing components and adding new libraries is very easy.

  • Write commercial applications

    Uses the BSD license, so you can use and modify it for commercial purposes.

  • A very fast framework

    Benchmarking a framework is hard and rarely reflects the real world, but Kohana is very efficient and carefully optimized for real world usage.

  • Good debugging and profiling tools

    Simple and effective tools help identify and solve performance issues quickly.

  • Know what the framework is doing

    Very well commented code and a simple routing structure makes it easy to understand what is happening.

  • Work with objects and classes

    This is an OOP framework that is extremely DRY. Everything is built using strict PHP classes and objects.

  • Write your own code

    There are no code generators and endless configuration files, so setting up is fast and easy.

  • Community support

    A very active community forum and IRC channel means that most questions are answered very quickly.

Who uses Kohana?

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These are some of the people already using Kohana. See more on the Forums.