extends Kohana_Cache_Wincache
extends Cache
extends Kohana_Cache

Kohana Cache Wincache driver. Provides an opcode based driver for the Kohana Cache library.

Configuration example

Below is an example of an wincache server configuration.

return array(
     'wincache' => array(                     // Driver group
             'driver'         => 'wincache',  // using wincache driver

In cases where only one cache group is required, if the group is named default there is no need to pass the group name when instantiating a cache instance.

General cache group configuration settings

Below are the settings available to all types of cache driver.

Name Required Description
driver YES (string) The driver type to use

System requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 with IIS 5.1 and » FastCGI Extension
  • Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0 and » FastCGI Extension
  • Windows Vista SP1 with IIS 7.0 and FastCGI Module
  • Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.0 and FastCGI Module
  • Windows 7 with IIS 7.5 and FastCGI Module
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5 and FastCGI Module
  • PHP 5.2.X, Non-thread-safe build
  • PHP 5.3 X86, Non-thread-safe VC9 build
Kohana Team
© 2009-2012 Kohana Team

Class declared in MODPATH/cache/classes/cache/wincache.php on line 3.



integer 3600


public static string $default

default driver to use

string(4) "file"

public static Kohana_Cache $instances



protected Config $_config


public delete( string $id ) (defined in Kohana_Cache_Wincache)

Delete a cache entry based on id

// Delete 'foo' entry from the wincache group


  • string $id required - Id to remove from cache

Return Values

  • boolean

Source Code

public function delete($id)
	return wincache_ucache_delete($this->_sanitize_id($id));

public delete_all( ) (defined in Kohana_Cache_Wincache)

Delete all cache entries.

Beware of using this method when using shared memory cache systems, as it will wipe every entry within the system for all clients.

// Delete all cache entries in the wincache group

Return Values

  • boolean

Source Code

public function delete_all()
	return wincache_ucache_clear();

public get( string $id [, string $default = NULL ] ) (defined in Kohana_Cache_Wincache)

Retrieve a cached value entry by id.

// Retrieve cache entry from wincache group
$data = Cache::instance('wincache')->get('foo');

// Retrieve cache entry from wincache group and return 'bar' if miss
$data = Cache::instance('wincache')->get('foo', 'bar');


  • string $id required - Id of cache to entry
  • string $default = NULL - Default value to return if cache miss


Return Values

  • mixed

Source Code

public function get($id, $default = NULL)
	$data = wincache_ucache_get($this->_sanitize_id($id), $success);

	return $success ? $data : $default;

public set( string $id , string $data [, integer $lifetime = NULL ] ) (defined in Kohana_Cache_Wincache)

Set a value to cache with id and lifetime

$data = 'bar';

// Set 'bar' to 'foo' in wincache group, using default expiry
Cache::instance('wincache')->set('foo', $data);

// Set 'bar' to 'foo' in wincache group for 30 seconds
Cache::instance('wincache')->set('foo', $data, 30);


  • string $id required - Id of cache entry
  • string $data required - Data to set to cache
  • integer $lifetime = NULL - Lifetime in seconds

Return Values

  • boolean

Source Code

public function set($id, $data, $lifetime = NULL)
	if ($lifetime === NULL)
		$lifetime = Arr::get($this->_config, 'default_expire', Cache::DEFAULT_EXPIRE);

	return wincache_ucache_set($this->_sanitize_id($id), $data, $lifetime);

final public __clone( ) (defined in Kohana_Cache)

Overload the __clone() method to prevent cloning


Return Values

  • void

Source Code

final public function __clone()
	throw new Cache_Exception('Cloning of Kohana_Cache objects is forbidden');

public config( [ mixed $key = NULL , mixed $value = NULL ] ) (defined in Kohana_Cache)

Getter and setter for the configuration. If no argument provided, the current configuration is returned. Otherwise the configuration is set to this class.

// Overwrite all configuration
$cache->config(array('driver' => 'memcache', '...'));

// Set a new configuration setting
$cache->config('servers', array(
     'foo' => 'bar',

// Get a configuration setting
$servers = $cache->config('servers);


  • mixed $key = NULL - Key to set to array, either array or config path
  • mixed $value = NULL - Value to associate with key

Return Values

  • mixed

Source Code

public function config($key = NULL, $value = NULL)
	if ($key === NULL)
		return $this->_config;

	if (is_array($key))
		$this->_config = $key;
		if ($value === NULL)
			return Arr::get($this->_config, $key);

		$this->_config[$key] = $value;

	return $this;

public static instance( [ string $group = NULL ] ) (defined in Kohana_Cache)

Creates a singleton of a Kohana Cache group. If no group is supplied the default cache group is used.

// Create an instance of the default group
$default_group = Cache::instance();

// Create an instance of a group
$foo_group = Cache::instance('foo');

// Access an instantiated group directly
$foo_group = Cache::$instances['default'];


  • string $group = NULL - The name of the cache group to use [Optional]


Return Values

  • Cache

Source Code

public static function instance($group = NULL)
	// If there is no group supplied
	if ($group === NULL)
		// Use the default setting
		$group = Cache::$default;

	if (isset(Cache::$instances[$group]))
		// Return the current group if initiated already
		return Cache::$instances[$group];

	$config = Kohana::$config->load('cache');

	if ( ! $config->offsetExists($group))
		throw new Cache_Exception(
			'Failed to load Kohana Cache group: :group',
			array(':group' => $group)

	$config = $config->get($group);

	// Create a new cache type instance
	$cache_class = 'Cache_'.ucfirst($config['driver']);
	Cache::$instances[$group] = new $cache_class($config);

	// Return the instance
	return Cache::$instances[$group];

protected __construct( array $config ) (defined in Kohana_Cache_Wincache)

Check for existence of the wincache extension This method cannot be invoked externally. The driver must be instantiated using the Cache::instance() method.


  • array $config required - Configuration


Source Code

protected function __construct(array $config)
	if ( ! extension_loaded('wincache'))
		throw new Cache_Exception('PHP wincache extension is not available.');


protected _sanitize_id( string $id ) (defined in Kohana_Cache)

Replaces troublesome characters with underscores.

// Sanitize a cache id
$id = $this->_sanitize_id($id);


  • string $id required - Id of cache to sanitize

Return Values

  • string

Source Code

protected function _sanitize_id($id)
	// Change slashes and spaces to underscores
	return str_replace(array('/', '\\', ' '), '_', $id);