Upgrading from 3.3 to 3.4


  • The Auth::hash_password() method has been removed. Use Auth::hash() instead.


  • Added a new Memcached driver.
  • The APC driver was deprecated. Use APCu or other drivers instead.
  • The Memcache driver was deprecated. Use Memcached or other drivers instead.
  • The MemcacheTag driver was deprecated.


  • The Core::CODENAME constant was deprecated.


  • The MySQL driver has been removed. Use PDO or other drivers instead.


  • Now Encrypt acts as an interface and a new OpenSSL driver for it was added.
  • The Mcrypt driver was deprecated. Use OpenSSL instead.


  • The Security::strip_image_tags() method has been removed for security reasons as it is not reliable to parse and sanitize HTML with regular expressions. You should either encode HTML tags entirely, e.g. with HTML::chars(), or use a more robust HTML filtering solution such as HTML Purifier.


  • The Validation::as_array() method has been removed. Use Validation::data() instead.