Kohana comes with many static "helper" functions to make certain tasks easier.

You can make your own helpers by simply making a class and putting it in the classes directory, and you can also extend any helper to modify or add new functions using transparent extension.

  • Arr - Array functions. Get an array key or default to a set value, get an array key by path, etc.

  • CLI - Parse command line options.

  • Cookie - Covered in more detail on the Cookies page.

  • Date - Useful date functions and constants. Time between two dates, convert between am/pm and military, date offset, etc.

  • Encrypt - Covered in more detail on the Security page.

  • Feed - Parse and create RSS feeds.

  • File - Get file type by mime, split and merge a file into small pieces.

  • Form - Create HTML form elements.

  • Fragment - Simple file based caching. Covered in more detail on the Fragments page.

  • HTML - Useful HTML functions. Encode, obfuscate, create script, anchor, and image tags, etc.

  • I18n - Internationalization helper for creating multilanguage sites.

  • Inflector - Change a word into plural or singular form, camelize or humanize a phrase, etc.

  • Kohana - The Kohana class is also a helper. Debug variables (like print_r but better), file loading, etc.

  • Num - Provides locale aware formating and english ordinals (th, st, nd, etc).

  • Profiler - Covered in more detail on the Profiling page.

  • Remote - Remote server access helper using CURL.

  • Request - Get the current request url, create expire tags, send a file, get the user agent, etc.

  • Route - Create routes, create an internal link using a route.

  • Security - Covered in more detail on the Security page.

  • Session - Covered in more detail on the Sessions page.

  • Text - Autolink, prevent window words, convert a number to text, etc.

  • URL - Create a relative or absolute URL, make a URL-safe title, etc.

  • UTF8 - Provides multi-byte aware string functions like strlen, strpos, substr, etc.

  • Upload - Helper for uploading files from a form.